Monday, February 20, 2006

مسألة وقت


Mo said...

Love it
I see myself in the guy's shoes. Reading the newspaper, 2eno trying to keep up to date, and time is passing by, and one day will crash me and leave me, along with my newspaper, six feet under.

أمل said...


It amazes me how everyone has his/her own view of this drawing in particular.

Everyone has got a different explanation that fits right just like the others.

PS : I don't think you can see yourself "in the guy's shoes". La enno "7ifi" w huwwi yis3a lal taghyeer!

hillz said...

amal amal amal...
2awlik haydah elleh b2alb else3a erramliyyeh, 3ando..AMAL??

أمل said...

hilal hilal hilal

3indo AMAL .. as much as the little guy in my profile pic 3indu AMAL!