Wednesday, February 15, 2006

امتحان رسمي

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Lizard of Oz said...

Allah yefrejha...

Nice blog :)

Nana said...

LOOL, excuse me Amal, I couldn't but laugh. as they say:
"شر البلية ما يضحك"

وكما يقول أحدهم: "ضحكتيني وانا عيانة"
thanks for drawing a smile on my face on such a horrible day!

Take Care!

hillz said...

ya3neh shoo baddeh 2ellik?
inno ma 7elweh? (bestarjeh?)
really nice? are u goinf to post it in any newspaper??

أمل said...

Lizard of Oz ; smart name! :) Welcome to my blog. I shall be passing by yours, it looks rich.

Nana.. I'm glad you smiled, it IS a very horrible time for Lebanon and the whole region.

Hilal, hello again hope you are doing well on those exams. I did send this to assafir. It was supposed to be out today but looks like there were already too many articles to publish.. You know.. it's not just any occasion..everyone has something to say.

I'm happy with my official exam the way it is here in any case :)

Eve said...

هاها، أوقات بتخطرلي فكرة إنّو اللي عم نعيشه هلّق هوّ تاريخ بيحفظوه الأجيال التانية لبعدين. رح نبقى نقول لولادنا: نعم، نحنا شاركنا بكل هالتظاهرات. ما بعرف إذا بنبرة فخر أو خيبة رح نقولها.