Sunday, November 15, 2015

موّال مين Whose Song

(مواد مختلفة على ورق mixed media on paper)

محاولة إعادة تعريف لحِلية - "موّال مين"

"موّال مين" أغنية لشيرين عبده/ شعر محمود عزت
يمكن الاستماع للأغنية على الرابط هنا
An Attempt in Redefining an Earring - Mawwal Meen / Whose Song

Poem by Mahmoud Ezzat / Composed and Vocals by Shireen Abdo
You can listen to the song by Shireen Abdo in the link here


Alone I fear the dark
Yet light the dark for those who are afraid
I write poetry about myself
Yet my poetry is for others
Oh, you people living in my song
In whose song do I live?

I am a medic for souls
I cure everyone
There is no need for theories, explanations and the such
With words I ease my pain
And those who listen find cure in their meaning
I point at the path, call out,
And say “Those who have the will, follow me.
Either we all get cured by words,
Or they remain a lesson for those who listen.”


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