Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Activism 101

-ink on paper حبر على ورق -

" I'm not politically active? Who are you calling NOT politically active?!! As a matter of fact we met on the page of "Khaled Saeed", and I do LIKE all the pages supporting the Arab popular uprisings against their regimes! AND I Googled all Mahmoud Darwish's poems and posted as a status in support of the Palestinian cause! Not politically active, he says...If you're man enough UNFRIEND me!"

الاربعاء 12-10-2011
شباب السفير
Wednesday 12-10-2011
Shabab Assafir


وجع البنفسج said...

ونعم النشاط السياسي

نشاط " الكنبة " للاسف

Anonymous said...

المشكلة بالشباب العربي انها صارت موضة السياسة مش قناعات و فكر :)

فداء .... said...

هههههههههههههههه حلوة يسلمو

Anonymous said...

هههههههه .. ظريفة

Anonymous said...