Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Barbed Borders شريط حدودي

رسم و نص نشرا في موقع شباب السفير
الاربعاء 08-06-2011

Illustration with text published in Shabab - Assafir website
Wednesday 08-06-2011

لقراءة النص اضغط هنا
link to text in Arabic

Text translation below

When we were children in the refugee camp, we used to pull the tapes out of discarded cassettes and then run with them while they flicker lightly behind us, like they were kites.


That barbed wire, does it run around the borders of the homeland or around the refugees?

I made a barbed wire plant and put it in a flower pot. I wonder if it would die out of the lack of care.

On Nakbah day, refugees crossed the barbed wire to embrace the land.
Everyday, the land crosses the barbed wire to embrace the refugees.

- " The tape stopped playing "
- " No, that's the first side only."
- " It says here the first and last side"
- " That's alright, we shall rewind."
- " No. We shall return. "


وجع البنفسج said...

كثير حلو يا امل .. خلي دايما عندك امل بالعودة .. احنا في انتظاركم ..
هنا في غزة وفي فلسطين التاريخية كمان ..
قلوبنا معكم يا اخوتنا في الشتات ..

Anonymous said...

Perfect Amal.

saru Fashion said...

amazing :)