Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Samed on Popular Revolution صامد و الثورة الشعبية

Samed: "The poeple want the regime down! I mean refugees want the regi.. No, people of the West Bank and Jerusalem want...hmm..Gaza people want..Palestinians inside the Green Line want ... Nah.. Palestinians want Palestine."

شباب - السفير
الاربعاء 02-02-2011
Wednesday 02-02-2011


Diana said...

LOVED this one!

Anonymous said...

Hosni Mubarak deserved for what he have done to the Egyptian.

Anonymous said...

It becomes obvious that Housni Moubarak or "abou lhool" is nothing more than a CRIMINAL!!!

kel rasme men ramsmetek heye da3em la maser wa la falastine w alla ykon ma3on l2n ly sar liom kter beshe3!


Anonymous said...

معه حق بس بدك هالشعب يفهم

إسراء حُجيرات said...

الله عليكِ يا أمل
وحياتك ع الوَجَع !!