Monday, January 31, 2011

Revolution: A New Perspective رؤية جديدة للثورة

مشهد من فيلم عفريتة اسماعيل يس أو
حى لي بعملين جديدين حول الثورة الشعبية التي تجري في مصر اليوم

This scene from the Egyptian classic Ism
ail Yassin's Phantom,
inspired me to do two new works on the recent Egyptian popular uprising

الفنانة الراحلة ماري منيب
The late Mary Muneeb: "It's all because of hunger and your miserliness, Mr Shamloul Afandi!"

الفنانة الراحلة زينات صدقي - النص بتصرّف
The late Zinat Sedki: " It's over, Papa.. Zalabya is no longer blind, nor mute, nor deaf!"


Anonymous said...

Amal ya amal that is really creative but I really miss MEIROUN I feel that shi is also able to say something regarding all what is happening in EGYPT today:)

Hiba... the one who you met one day in the bus in u remember me? Hope so just i felt that I must comment on your illustrations because I love them and adore Meiroun.

Amal Ziad Kaawash أمل زياد كعوش said...

Hello Hiba and thank you a lot

Actually Meiroun did say something on the 25th of January. Scroll down to see or visit my Facebook profile :)