Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Waladon again ولدٌ

" Amal... Would you pretty pretty please close the sketchbook so I could get the ball?"

Assafir - Youth Pages
Wednesday 16-12-09

السفير - شباب
الاربعاء 16-12-09


nightS said...

الله يخليكي :)
كتير مهضوم

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, very original... i love the idea of the relationship you create between the cartoon, the copybook (his space), and the cartoonist (his creator)... love it, love it!

Shadi said...

:-) brought a smile!

Nadine Moawad said...

So beautiful! So creative! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

it's almost turning into the making of a little cartoon animation ya ammool -- flip the pages really quick and it will look like the boy is moving ;-) --- we could call it the boy and the ball cartoon and watch it on youtube!


anawafkary said...

Very nice and fresh idea.
All the drawings are fatastic msA
I like the boy's shy smile :))

حنين said...

عسولة أوي
هي واللي قبليها :):):)

تسلم إيدك :)

صفا رعد said...

انت تعيشين في عالم آخر في قلمك وورقك... مازلت اشعر انك ستصبحين بشهرة ناجي واكثر ايضاً