Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Nostalgia said...


وبعدها بفترة تعمل إنفايت للدول الأخرى لإضافة الأبليكيشن ..

أكيد العراق أو أمريكا حالياً هستستفيد من التجارب الأخرى

ربنا يستر

** ** ** **

جميل بجد يا أمل

M Bashir said...


Bakria said...

and they are in the process of creating more.

رائعه يا أمل

Yishai Kohen said...
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peace said...

1. It isn't apartheid: It's preventing the Arabs from carrying out apartheid policies.

Right now, both Arabs and Jews live on both sides. If the racist Arabs had their way, there would be no Jews on either- and minimally there would be none on the eastern side.

The Arabs suffer for their racist, apartheid-laden ideas and plans.

2. Almost none of it is a wall:

Solid barrier system

This particular design is used in a minority of cases- a total of 8 km in the initial stages of the project (4%). Its main purpose is to prevent sniper fire into Israel and on major highways and roads. In this case, a solid concrete wall resembling a highway sound barrier often used in the US and Europe is erected. This design is used mainly along the new Trans - Israel Highway, in Bat Hefer and Matan, and in densely populated urban areas such as Jerusalem. Once the whole project is completed, the portion of the concrete sections will be 6%, approximately 30 km.


The only thing you got right in the post was the date.

MarxistFromLebanon said...


I always find it amusing when someone accuses others of racism while himself is separating the world into Jews and non-Jews.

When you use the term Jews and Arabs and keeping them separated, then there is no difference between your logic and that of Hitler’s. You and him think the same way, he divided his country as Aryan and non-Aryan, you are dividing yours as Jewish and non-Jewish.

The funny part about this Zionist, like all the others, simply neglects what happened in 1920 and 1948, and expect the world to believe that the scenario of Jews versus barbarians stand. Personally, I think this Zionist is bringing bad reputation to the Jews. Tell me something, what do you expect from a country that came into existence by the blood of others? Woodrow Wilson’s King-Krane Commission produced the following statistics in 1919 on Palestine: 9% are Jews, 91% are non- Jews (while placing Christians in the latter). Suddenly, people get expelled from their home to be replaced by exported European Jews. Labor was replaced from Arab to imported Jewish as Christian and Muslim Palestinians lost their jobs and source of their bread. You expect the Christians and Muslims to sit and watch as they are being expelled out of their homes by “a racist movement?”.

Yes, after 50 years, not much changed. Anyone who is not a Jew received a class B citizenship while freaks like Olmert referred to Israel as strictly Jewish, instead for all Sects (unlike what historical Palestine was). In fact, the Arab Jews were blackmailed, extorted, and threatened to submit to the Jewish Fund Agency despite their will back in the early 1920s, all documented by the British officials. This is the same logic carried out now. You can never expel a whole race (Palestinians) and expect the world would go worshiping Jews. Well, I wouldn’t call Jews, rather racist Zionists. I know plenty of Jews in Lebanon and elsewhere, and that is not the healthy logic. If you justify the wall, you justify what the Brits did in South Africa.

Then you will reply, “but we offer them peace treaties”. Wrong again, because with each peace treaty, suddenly you have bulldozers accompanied with them to drive more people out of their homes, then freaks like you pretend that you are men of peace. In fact, when people react, they react to a reaction and not to a progressive platform. Hence, when an Palestinian shoots, it is not out of “genetical hatred” they do that, rather out of a reaction that they have nothing to live for. While freaks like you expect they will seriously divide Israel as Jews and non-Jews (reminds us of Hitler’s ghettos based on race). Funny, this Zionist seems to forget that a gigantic portion of the Arabs are Christians as well.

Last but not least, when you divide the area as Arabs and non-Arabs, this person proves himself as not only racist, rather a buffoon. When you call all neighboring areas as Arabs and divide the region as Arabs and non-Arabs, he simply forgets how each country has its own set of rules. When you refer to the area as Arabs, you put the whole Arab region as one. It is like saying Europeans, and forgetting that Europe is divided into French, English, Germans, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, and others. The same applies to the Arabs, you have Egyptians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Libyans, Qataris, and others. Just for the fact saying such comments, our Zionist friend proves himself he lives within racial barriers. Just for the fact saying that all the “Arabs” are bin laden like, well that makes us laugh. If we all think in a Bin Laden logic, then Taliban wouldn’t have been founded in Pakistan, (partly funded by the US administration).

And instead of giving us a pathetic link which is similar to your iq, give us real sources, like Benny Morris’s Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, Walid Khalidy’s From Haven to Conquest, John Boykin’s Cursed is the Peace Maker, Walt and Mearsheimer: The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy, Rashid Khalidy The Iron Cage, and Sami Hadawi’s Bitter Harvest, and all base their references on US, Jewish, and Foreign officials’ statements.

Thank you, o little Zionist one for this laugh, I haven’t seen a good joke in a while ;)


nightS said...

lol...sha7baro! :)
nice one amal :)

peace said...

Let's try this again, because apparently, you jihadis don't even understand simple concepts- much less, complex ones:

Apartheid is "A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups."

This is what the Arabs want to do to the Jews. Arabs claim that only THEY can live where they want to, but Jews are either limited to certain areas- or to the sea.

Arabs support apartheid. In fact, this is exactly what Arabs do in the model Muslim state.

That's also what the Arabs do in the Sudan vis-a-vis the Blacks.

That's also your country of Lebanon.

That won't happen in Israel. You'll just have to do your apartheid in your own countries.

Oh yeah, and I'm not "Kahen", whoever that is.

Bakria said...

**Cohen the Zionist Cliche,

You sound very boring. Very.
You got guts man, to present another foolish masterpiece of Zionism.

The Association of Civil Rights in Israel's annual report of 2007 shows overwhelming results of increasing racism against Arabs in Israel. Youths at schools are being filled with stereotypes and more hatred.

*75.3% of the polled Israelis wouldn't accept to live with an Arab in the same building. 51% encourages their transfer. 61.4% wouldn't let an Arab in their houses.

Israel is a country of minorities. Why were those 4 Ethiopian immigrants girls put in separate classroom awhile ago? Yes. Apartheid happens in Israel. Ashkenazim are the Zionist God and others are the Zionist dream workers. Zionism is Racism itself.

I can't find any peaceful intentions for understanding or any other sort of good in your comments. Peace? huh.

You are a real joke.
Thank you MFL.


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

who gives a shit what a zionist says?

Gaza said...

رائعة جداً مدونتك
وكذلك لوحاتك على غلاف مجلة فلسطين الشباب

دمتِ مبدعة

Anonymous said...

Obviously Israeli Jews are getting tired of the Arabs; because they're traitors.

They spy on Israel- including their Members of Knesset.

They openly and actively support Israel's enemies.

A very large percentage of the terrorism during the failed "intifada" was committed by them.

They don't serve in the army, donational service, or help Israel on ANY level.

They don't pay their fair share of taxes but still make demands.

In short- they are a cancerous growth, a fifth column.

As to the Ethiopian Jews, you obviously don't read much. There are other Ethiopians in that school in regular classes. These specific ones need remedial help, so they get their own teacher for 4 kids (I wish my kids could have that), and will be integrated like everyone else once they achieve the competency required.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

again, none gives two shits what the zionut says.

Anonymous said...

Again, no one gives two shits what you jihadis say. Just keep yur greedy paws in your own yard or they'll get cut off by Allah's faithful Yahud.

Anonymous said...

dear anonynous
I am dubbed a Christian on my passport :P, Israel bombed the church of our neighbors in the South :D

Anonymous said...