Thursday, August 09, 2007


Dedicated to Rany


يساري مصري said...

خطوطك جميله جداً

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

shoo bi seer itha saqata el-qalbayn sawa ila-l-faragh ta7t el-ard? hal yajtami3an?

i looked at this drawing for a long time while listening to this

Rany said...

Didn't know that i was a mind reader!
Thx for the dedication.

rat said...

tayyeb shi kawkab telit ma fi?

Mohannad Faried said...

a very belated response on my part, it just probably that i was quite impressed by your work, very nice abstractions,
your political work caused the delay in my response here's how:
when checking your blog that fist time, i felt so ashamed, nothing reasonable but i realized that Palestine have been off my mind completely for quite a while now ...
i find no excuse for my self, all i can say is thank you for reminding me.

أمل said...

يساري مصري -

شكرا لك .. و اهلا بك:)

Ibn Bint Jbeil -

Sallemli 3annas , art teacher :)

rany -

:D neither did I! And do not mention it :)

rat -

ma fi kawkab talit.. bas yimkin fi taboor khamis :P

Mohannad Faried -

Thank YOU ...

Kholoud - Beirut said...

Very nice lines!!!
No offense to men, bass law wattayty el hearts min el jihatein vertically downwards, kamen betkoun zaabta ;)

أمل said...

kholoud -

Thanks girl!
And by the way, Rany agrees with you ;)

Check this link :

princess dodo said...


أنا سعيده اوى بمدونتك
وسعيده باكتشافها
تعبيرك رائع ومعبر اوى

تحياتى ليكى

alzaher said...
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ahmed nabil said...

tamam geddan