Sunday, May 13, 2007

وين راح الزمن فيا


hilal said...

I "recharge" here.
and I like the "silent" drawings more since they are "universal".
and I like "meiroun".
And I don't like "amr moussa".
w ma fee "heiiiiiih".
and You know what I mean.

Mo said...

me neither (about moussa)

i love it (the drawing, and meiroun, and jaddouletha)

and all the little details, each and every little one of them

M Bashir said...

let the wind blow in the direction that the sailor wishes

أمل said...

Hilal, Mo and Bashir ..

thanks for sailing by

Anonymous said...

Hope really u r a great girl and a great teacher

أمل said...

ya hala :)

weinik inti??

Anonymous said...

yalla, kollna ma3 meiroun bel hawa sawa... ana msafer kaman