Saturday, March 31, 2007

في الاطار 2 Framed 2


kholoud - beirut said...

Very creative w 3ataity i7ssass ktir 7ilo bi 3aalam khayaly, kteeer 2awiyyeh hal soura bi ghadd ennazar 3an shou azdek feeha.

Momkin ti7mol ma3any kteeer.

As for the context, is it related to el qimmeh as for the first time they say something ar7am min gheir marraat.

Although i gives feeling of stableness and security, unlike frame 1, yet it's not 100% calm with these sharp figures of ropes and needles.

I guess you must be good at physics with the force of momentum lesson :)

Amal, for me it is one of your best

أمل said...

Me? good at physics? don't know about that..

But you sure are good at biology with this context disscetion you did! :D

Thanks for the usual richness in your comments, Kholoud :)

Bashir said...

physics, physics, i heard physics! where, where...


واحد إفتراضي said...

بتشبه النوم بزنازين المخابرات العامة
بس ناقصه سيجارة