Thursday, September 21, 2006

وزارة الصحة تحذر


hillz said...

حرام عليكي

(شو قصة السواجير والمنافض معك هالإيام)

أمل said...

مش عارفة

gitanes legeres said...
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Anonymous said...

مدخنة معك هع هع

Anonymous said...

ur drawing reminded me with a cartoon i drew before like 1 month.. it has no direct relation with ur caroon but i donno why it reminded me of it.. my cartoon was (my heart in a box and over the box was written "you7faz fi makan bared") the sentence they write on medicine and this stuff.. shi like tajmeed almasha3er or sth like this..
anyway hope ur fine..
miss u..

gitanes legeres said...

amal i hope all's well with u....
w ma tesnabeh la wizaret al sou77a... trust me..

أمل said...


Ha3 back atcha

Zaman 3alek ya rajol :) I LOVE the idea of your cartoon. Email me that if you still have it.

I trust you :D thanks for passing by.

To All-
Wallah I'm ok. It's only a cartoon.