Sunday, September 17, 2006

ماشي الحال

Dedicated to jooj


hillz said...

ma ba3rif leish 7ases inno jooj za3bar

amal, wayno saad hajo? [ ;) ]

doha said...

hal rasmi ka2ana bet2ol: kel wa7ad b ghanneh 3a mowwelo:)

أمل said...

Hilal.. I do not know about jooj. We cannot tell until el ma3ni bil amr shows up :)

Speaking of Saad Hajo, he has an exhibit in Madina theatre-Hamra starting this 22nd. I think it's open for a whole week.

Doha .. inti muwwalik shou bi2oul? :)

jooj said...

hahahaha. Thx Amal :).
And WOOOOW. That is too good!
I see 3 shapes; are there more?

Hilal, I did actually cheat. But only once. And I was fully aware of my act :). Is .. that .. not .. OK?

أمل said...

I guess I have to make some major modifications on Hilal's cartoon now. There shall be a large crystal ball. Well make that a large nostalgic crystal ball.

Jooj, glad you liked it. Keep quitting and cheating. It's inspiring! :P

koukawy said...

ياه ه ه
حقيقي هو ده اللي بيحصل في الزمن الحالي