Sunday, August 13, 2006


*Click title for " Son of the South " ; song by Palestinian artist Marwan Abado*


a humanist, not a moslem, not a jew said...

Thank you for the beautiful music.

hang in there, peace process is just beginning

with love

سمر said...

creative drawing..
nice music..

S.O.S = Same Old Suffering :(

hopefully all will be safe soon.

jij said...

Ya shabeb, our amal is the talk of the town:

hillz said...

sar 3enna "3ein" jowwa elakhbar..
3ala "amal" inno nshoofik 3am tersmeh honeek

laila said...

amal, you're famous! so proud of you
tab laiki, bi sharafek ghayyreeleh ismeh on the side of your blog, ma baddi moot bi amreeka (ba3ref inno no one likes mononoke..bass yalla mesheh l7al)

أمل said...

*ready to make a speech*

Jumhouri el 7abeeb ...

lol .. no really

Friends; bloggers and non-bloggers, your spirit-lifting comments have always given me the urge to carry on, especially during the times of war.

To you all, thank you.

PS: Mononoke .. 3a rasi ya princess.

laila said...

yislamo hal eedein :)

aya said...