Tuesday, August 22, 2006


جديد الشاعر محمود درويش في العنوان


hillz said...

بدك رأينا بجديد درويش أو برسمتك؟؟
يعني إنو شو بدي قول قولك؟
خليني ساكت.

سمر said...

fi takamol between ur drawing and darwich's writings.. :)
both are great..
and i love u both.

surrealism said...

كم هو رقيق ومباشر احساسك يا امل كم تقتربين من عمق الجراح بسهولة فائقة...جميل جدا صديقتي واضم صوتي الى صوت سمر

Mo said...

معدننا واحد
بس بدك مين يفهم

أمل said...

Hilal, Samar, Surrealism and Mo

ya3ni khajjaltouni ...


Hamze said...

Simple. Nice. effetive. Very Simply and nicely effective.

Anonymous said...

its the 1st time i visit your blod but be sure i will visit weekly, i hope you publish something new everyday
I love mahmood Darwish & the relation between you & him
you both say it with wisedom & few words
you should concider sending some of your work to newspapers