Saturday, August 19, 2006


للعلم و الخبر
الفتاة ذات الجديلتين تدعى "ميرون" .. و هذه اللوحة هي اول ظهور لها
The girl in the drawing is called Meiroun.
This sketch dates back to 2005 . It's the first she ever appeared in.


doha said...

peace and love: 2 major things we can live without
very sincere

Anonymous said...

ur drawing reminded me of a poem 4 darwish..

على السكّين ترقص

جسمها أرض قديمة

و لحزنها وجهان:

وجه يابس يرتدّ للماضي

ووجه غاص في ليل الجريمة

و الحب ممنوع ،

hashem said...

w elek kamen...:)

hillz said...

a7mar hal a7mar kteer..
will u call ths little girl by a certain name?
- as u keep drawing her-
my favurite character.

أمل said...

Hilal, isn't it obvious? Her name is Meiroun :)

Mo said...

@ lovely Meiroun:
تشرفنا ست ميرون
خلينا نبقى نشوفك

و منّا (أنا على الأقل) لك نفس الشي

jooj said...

She looks 9-10 years old.
And I love the round face and the two thick braids.