Sunday, August 06, 2006

حين تحتل اسرائيل السماء

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Anonymous said...

keep the good work... ;)

amani said...

hey Amal,

Juts out of curiosity:
do u publish your work anywhere?
I mean like..newspapers magazines?
if yes..then plz excuse my ignorance:(

BTW, I have read your reply to my comments on your previous post and I shall inform you that I am not as young as my profile photo suggests..I am actually in high school..I got one more year to go ;)

But your words there show how kind @ heart you are :)

bye 4 now..salam :\

doha said...

expressive pic,..
keep drawing,..

أمل said...

ING, Amani and Doha, thank you sabaya

Amani; it does not matter how old you are, good luck with your school :)

Khaled said...

Even schools in refugee camps had its chance in this Amal...
Bas enshallah fatrah a bet3adde.
Good Luck.