Monday, May 15, 2006

الجزء الاول


Bashir said...

This one is very touching. Its effect is greater than thousands of words.

(May I use it?)

Anonymous said...

myself i don't like this one, i hate self pity. i think it's kind of resisting living, I’m not saying it's not totally true and representing, i just think an artist should see beyond self pity and make thinks happen


Abed. Hamdan said...

Arab = Frustration

أمل said...

Bashir , Be my guest :)

Abed , sad but true. Although, while TYPICAL Arabs are frustrating, real Arabs cannot be frustrated.

MMA; had there not been an Arabic text in my cartoon I would have right away guessed that you are a typical Arab yourself. And here's why ..

One; kindly see abed.hamdan's comment on this very same cartoon.

Two; check out that spelling mistake you did.

"i just think an artist should see beyond self pity and make thinks happen "

ThinGs do happen.

Anonymous said...

what the F***? how does that change any thing? and when did i try to say that i'm not arab? i'm an arab but i should be able to credit (like i have done before) and criticize where i feel there is need regardless of race?
plus i never said self pity is an arab attribute, or arabs self pity more than others! so I don’t see where from you got that from!
about the mistake, i'm not allah, -although sometimes i think i'm- i meant to say things rather than thinks.


أمل said...

MMA .. smile .. you ARE an Arab


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

This juxtaposition of a bleeding Palestinian kid begging for help while a heartless Saudi Sheikh listens to Al-Hayat LBC’s brand of highly vulgar “Lebanese pop music” offers us a vivid image of the current situation in the Middle-East.

At the end of his poignant poem “My Mother”, Palestine’s most famous poet writes that “It is time for me to exchange the word for the deed; Time to prove my love for the land and for the nightingale; For in this age the weapon devours the guitar”

Sad. But true: revenge is often the only option left when foreign invaders conquer your country, steal your lands, and massacre your children… Sadly, Iraq has become a mirror image of Palestine circa 1948, and Baghdad is rapidly morphing into Gaza on steroids, as Rumsfeld’s minions spread death and destruction across the former capital of the Arab world.

And this is having dramatic consequences on the way Arabs and Muslims view America and the West…

As I wrote recently in the Middle-East Memo: “This substantial shift in Arab and Muslim public opinion vis-à-vis America can’t be ignored: in the days of President Wilson, Muslims represented roughly 10% of the world’s total population…today, a quarter of mankind firmly believes in Allah and its ultimate Prophet”

gabrielf said...

unfortunatly the palestinian cause is not an arab cause anymore. Palestinians are divided now and a civil war is gonna start...sad but true palestinians are as stupid as Israelis...sorry amal.

OmAr said...

that was touching...

أمل said...

Dr Victorino, the rich comment is much appreciated. I have to point out still that the Palestinian kid doesn't have to be representing only Palestinian children and the "oily" Arab does not have to stand for one Arab nationality in particular.

Gabriel, I do not think Israelies are stupid. They cannot be stupid while occupying the whole Arab nation for 6 decades. For it's not only Palestine that is "occupied". The "wawa" song is but an example; if you know what I mean.

Two, I agree that the acts of Fatah and Hamas ARE stupid. Civil war under occupation is not exactly the definition of being smart and is only doing Palestinians harm.

Yet I would appreciate that you do not generalize insults.
Palestinians are not stupid. Had they been stupid, they would have all become Israelies by now and I would not be making such cartoons. Not to forget that I am Palestinian myself.

Omar, thanks for coming over.

gabrielf said...

lebanese are stupid too regarding what's happening in my country, but i still think that palestinians are stupider cos they have an invader and they still find a way to demolish the little rest of territory they got. stupid. :)

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

- Dear Amal,

I know why your patriotic feelings might have been hurt by Gabriel F’s harsh language…

But you’ll have to forgive him, for just like Umru Al-Qays and other great Arabian Christian thespians of old, his style is a curious mélange of bold poetic cynicism (“men are dogs”, “women are bitches”; “let’s get drunk”…) and ascetic cum pessimistic morality (“the world is rotten”; “mankind is doomed”; “let’s burn everything”… etc)!

: )

Ghassan said...

Amal your blog is simply excellent!!

chakhakh said...

Amal, you should continue the lines of the kid.
i know you were maybe searching for some stylish result, but you didnt do the same for the saudi cheikh, so, in order for the hole drawing to be coherent you must finish the lines you stoped and make of the kid figure one closed entity (the bottom of his right hand, the area between his feets and his robe...)
Now these are basics of aesthetics, as imported from the west.
You can still ignore them and create your own aesthetical schemes :)
Good luck anyway

أمل said...

dr Vic .. shayif ya zalami.. I'm just a poor little refugee that everyone wants to dismantle her tent :P
Thanks for your concern!

Hey, Gaby! Take your hands off that cord!

Ghassan, thank you so much :) ya3ni I try. Sallimli 3ala sa7ar mandour ;)

chakhakh; your suggestions are taken into consideration. Thanks for taking the time to jot them down. Good luck with the intellectual terrorism! :)

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Ya Amal,

Ahyânan, it’s good to be a victim, under pressure from heartless persecutors, for as J.P. Sartre once said (taking his inspiration from Dostoyevsky’s Underground Man) “happy people have nothing to say”.

I like your drawing as it is: with all due respect to Chakhâkh’s uber-positivist stance, the “lack of perspective” isn’t necessarily a sign of “Oriental” underdevelopment!

More on that later …

Mohamad Al-Jaber said...

I cant say other than touching and great.. Keep up the good work :)

Ghassan said...

Amal, you know Sa7ar?

أمل said...

Hey, Mohammed, thank you so much :)

Ghassan, my only knowledge of Sahar is through the internet as I used to email my cartoons for the shabab section.

folan el folany said...

فيرى جود وورك يا امل .. جو اون

folan el folany said...

صحيح .. نسيت انق عليكى
تعليق فى عشرين دقيقة .. ماشاء الله ياست امل مهضومه كتير ..

Anonymous said...