Tuesday, May 02, 2006

عن العمال


Mo said...

i don't know why but when i saw your drawing (add to it some stuff i am reading) i had this on my mind :

...يا عمال العالم
Have a break...
Have a Kit Kat.

it could be used on communist party posters when the communist party will become sponsored by Kit Kat. That should help them get some money.
+ kit kat brand is already red so no need to change a thing.

Jamal said...


واحد إفتراضي said...

بيقولوا إن الأمل الوحيد اللي ضل للطبقة العاملة بعد انهيار المعسكر الاشتراكي: تعباية اللوتو


Eve said...

btw, sorry I missed yesterday. I heard it was exceptional. rendez-vous next time :)

أمل said...

Mo .. been to your blog .. read the review and i'm flattered that you linked the cartoon to it :)

Jamal, next time grab eve with you to the show :D

Eve, what I said to Jamal. :) Looking forward to see you on another occasion.

واحد افتراضي اللوتو "طريق مالوهش راجع"

يا هلا فيك :)