Sunday, April 02, 2006

Maryam LIGHT - aka Diet Maryam

Then again, it ended up looking like a South Park version of the woman!

My own Maryam Nour, ladies and gentlemen.


RAT said...

غريبة هذه المخلوقة
معبّرة جدا نسختك عنها

Mo said...

i hate this woman
i can't stand her

and to my greatest despair, even here in France, i can't but stumble across her. The other day i was zapping through the few arab TV channels i have, and saw her on ART. why god why!!!!

Amal, please, can we transform her into kenny and kill her every now and then. It would do me the greatest good.

- Oh my god they killed Mimi.
- You bastards!

Jamal said...

i've seen her a million times on TV, but never long enough to hear her say a word.

Maybe I should give the woman a chance.

أمل said...

هناك اجماع على كره (او عدم طيقان) مريم نور


لو فينا ناخد هالصورة على طاولة الحوار

زمان ما اتفق الشعب اللبناني على شي بهالعاطفة الشديدة

Anonymous said...

I think shes a great woman with deep inspiration and knowlege and if every1 shuted up 4 a sec and listened 2 her, they will learn a great deal.