Saturday, February 25, 2006



hillz said...

nice post.. but why didn't y put the audioclip of u singing urself Asfour??
walaw? yallah .. edddeha shohra!

أمل said...

Thanks for your one out of never ending suggestions, Hilal :)

It just happens that this recording is the perfect mood for this drawing.

I love the young Oumaima in this one.

ادم المصري said...

فنانه ولا تعليق

أمل said...

ربنا يخليك يا بيه



Eve said...

أغنية جميلة والرّسم أجمل :) أعتقد أنّ الكلمة المناسبة هي أنّ الأجواء تنضح شجناً.

Mo said...

Saw your latest on assafir.
حطبات اذار
Very nice.

Now اذار is here.

الله يستر

أمل said...

Hala Mo .. hala eve .. mnawreen

Thank you guys so much

w really allah ynajina min el @ ya Mo !

jij said...

Eve your drawings are like the creations of an imaginary female Sa3d Hajjo. Or are the works of Sa3d Hajjo the creations of an imaginary masculine Eve?
Very nice stuff, beautiful.

أمل said...

Jij .. I appreciate you dropping by and your effort in creating word play.. Saad Hajo IS one of my "mentors".

Yet, our creative friend Eve is at another blogspot, my friend :)

I'll take the compliments, though..
Thank you very much :)

jij said...

yes yes I meant Amal of course. Eve is someone else ;)

Fouad said...

sad and hopeful reminds me of our situation... Nice work amal

Nana said...

good job..
hal marra ana saba2tek, 7a6eit ur recent drawing in my blog ;)

أمل said...

Hahaha ..thanks sweetie

Such a pleasure :)

folan el folany said...

يابنت الايه ..؟